Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stuart Miller of UFO Review on Best Evidence

I sent a review copy of Best Evidence to Stuart Miller, the publisher and editor of UFO Review, in the United Kingdom. Here is his "review" posted today at the UFO Updates mailing list (full post found here).

Here at last is a documentary produced not only by someone who knows what he's talking about but who has also delivered a fact-driven, objective piece of work featuring people who also know what they're talking about.

Simple, clear, unsensational, to the point; an outstanding piece of work and a piece of work we can use to point others to as a perfect example of what the subject of UAPs/UFOs is all about.

Well done Paul and thank you.

Here is the response I sent to UFO Updates:


It's not really "Paul Kimball's Best Evidence" - it's Brad Sparks', Dick Hall's, and Stan Friedman's, and Kevin Randle's, and Bruce Maccabee's, and Nick Redfern's, and Nick Pope's, and Mac Tonnies', and Don Ledger's, and... well, you get the picture. They're the ones who, with one exception (#10, the 1561 Nuremberg case) picked the cases. I was just one voice among many in that regard.

Further, when it came to the actual making of the film, again, I'm just the quarterback. Kudos to the rest of the team - folks like John Rosborough (post audio and music), Zan Rosborough (post audio), Findlay Muir (DOP), Jim Kimball (co-producer), Christine Boss (production coordinator), Brian Howald and Breandan McGrath (head animators), Thor Henrickson (on-line editor), and of course the good folks at Space who commissioned the film (especially Charlotte Engel), the NSFDC who provided much of the financing (especially Ann MacKenzie and Linda Wood), and B7 Media in the UK who are distributing the film (especially Andrew Mark Sewell). Finally, super kudos to actress Kris Lee McBride, who narrated the film and gave it a unique "voice" - i.e. young and female. You don't hear that in many docs, alas - especially UFO-related docs. My mom loved it!

In the end, of course, there are the people to whom the film truly belongs - the witnesses, including the three who appear in the film, Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Bailey (RB47), Colonel Charles Halt (Rendlesham), and Captain Robert Salas (Malmstrom).

On behalf of all of the above, my friend - thank you.
Paul Kimball

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