Monday, May 7, 2007

Best Evidence vs. the USAF

The United States Air Force takes it on the chin in Best Evidence, particularly when some of their absurd explanations for UFOs are contrasted with the facts of certain cases. For example, in the RB47 case, we point out that the USAF "explained" the case as a civilian airliner, to which we reply:

As far as the United States Air Force was concerned, when its top crews, who were charged with protecting the security of the nation in the midst of the Cold War, and who often came face to face with the enemy, saw something like this [note: here we see an animated recreation of the UFO], they were really just mistaking it for a civilian airliner. If that was true, any sensible Air Force should have grounded those crews immediately, but instead they kept on flying - so long as they stayed quiet about what they really saw in the skies above us.


Paul Kimball

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